Financial Administration

FinTax offers its clients with a wide variety on services in financial administration, starting from statutory accounting up to all-inclusive financial administration. We also consult our clients in a variety of issues in financial management.


Accounting services

We provide tailored accounting services according to each clients needs. Our basic accounting includes monthly bookkeeping, VAT reporting and the annual financial statement. On more comprehensive entities, the services are tailored individually to each client.


Payroll services

Our payroll services consists at minimum of all statutory work including calculating, processing and reporting, payments and notifications to the public authority. When needed, we provide specified advice and reports according to a client's needs.



We hold a thorough expertise on taxation issues as well as taxation on different company forms. Our services include monthly VAT reporting, corporate and personal tax planning, annual tax reports and consulting. Through global members of Integra International our clients have an easy access to services on international taxation.


Accounting for consolidated companies and international business

FinTax has a comprehensive experience in consolidated companies. We handle financial statements for corporations as well as for international subsidiaries and branch offices in Finland. Our services include reporting to the parent company, according to a client's wishes. Members of Integra International will assist our clients on international business issues.


Invoicing and accounts receivable

The client can outsource all the invoicing to us. We handle the invoicing either electronically or by email or manually by post - according to a client's wishes. We can also take care of the accounts receivable.


Banking services and accounts payable

We take care of a client's accounts payable and handle banking services, e.g. prepare payments and handle bank transfers on behalf of the client. The Fivaldi software enables a client to approve the invoices by using an electronic circulation. We can also receive the client's bank statements in an electronic form from the client's bank in Finland.


Internal reporting

We will plan and implement cost and budget accounting for a client when needed. We also prepare forecasts for the fiscal period and perform budged control. If wished we can revise the information on clients own reporting mode.



We are not able to provide auditing services for our accounting clients because of the law but we cooperate with qualified auditing firms and we handle the needed auditing arrangements for the majority of our clients. However we will be happy to assist our clients to find the best possible auditor to suit their needs.


Foreign companies

FinTax provides the foreign clients mainly with various HR services, e.g. organising employer obligations and consulting in HR issues. When needed we will also handle all insurances and other employer obligations, as well as personnel tax matters in Finland. 

The global members of Integra International will assist our clients in other issues on international business.